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    double denim

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    Not an accident. @bluetodd

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  8. was drawing with sidewalk chalk! ~3 months of wear, 1 wash
    brand new
    at one month


    Photodump of my Tellason jeans (I sent them back to Tellason and they were awesome enough to put suspender buttons on them!) They are the Sheffield Straight Taper 16.5oz, and I’ve been wearing them more or less daily since march 01.

    The suspenders are made by Minnesota Leatherworks in St. Paul, I’ll do a photodump of them eventually as well.

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    Heads up folks, cameras are growing wings. Well, not quite, but the Squito could be soaring above your head someday soon. Inventor and artist Steve Hollinger developed the throwable device dubbed Squito which packs 3 separate cameras to capture panoramic shots while in midair.

    The Squito is a Camera Made to be Thrown

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    Bij het Gazi Restaurant in Melbourne zijn 4000 terracotta potten aan het plafond gehangen, in een ontwerp van March Studio. Het geeft een interessant beeld voor het verlaagde plafond.

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